The Banking and Finance Team at DR&AJU provides its high-quality legal services to major domestic and foreign banks and companies, being recognized as a leader in the Korean market. Our team gained its reputation through innovative deal structuring and advisory services, thereby exceeding the traditional role of passively following the clients’ or financial advisor’s requests. Managed by internationally and domestically trained attorneys with banking/securities backgrounds, our Banking and Finance Team has been involved in numerous high-profile domestic and cross border transactions, helping both domestic and overseas financial institutions and investment funds. Transactions include the disposition of non-performing loans, outright sales, issuance of ABS, Corporate Restructuring, Corporate Restructuring Vehicles, Asset Management Corporation, etc.

1. Securities
DR&AJU provides services on the issuance of securities and IPO, and advises clients on tortious disputes related to securities such as manipulation of pricing, insider trading, fraudulent reporting of securities, untruthful public announcement, etc. DR&AJU provides high quality legal services in all legal aspects of the field to prevent moral hazard of corporations, promote fair issuance of securities and transactions to facilitate securities transactions and safeguard investors at the same time. DR&AJU also offers legal advice on derivatives to domestic and overseas financial institutions, such as Global Depository Receipts, Bond with Warrant, Convertible Bond, Exchangeable Bonds, Futures, Swap Options. Our expertise includes analyzing a transaction in its totality, including review of the business structure, draft/review of relevant agreements, negotiation of terms and conditions, issuance of legal opinions and review of other relevant statutes and regulations.

2. SOC and Project Financing
DR&AJU is renowned in the field of Real Estate Project Finance with a wide range of experience and accomplishments. DR&AJU has contributed as a legal consulting firm in various projects, including construction, real estate, energy and infrastructure, and have represented all sides of transactions with its in-depth understanding of complex financial structures. DR&AJU provides business operators and creditors with top-notch legal advice regarding contract formation and project management schemes to realize the clients’ desired financing structure

3. Insurance
As people are showing more interest on insurances, the government’s regulations on insurance companies require stricter compliance with financial stability, consumer protection, prohibition of unjust business, etc. DR&AJU provides legal advice on all legal aspects for companies who are planning to expand into the insurance industry; legal advices include full legal support for obtaining permits and licenses, representation on legal disputes arising from the business, and all other aspects that require legal representation. DR&AJU is well experienced in handling the ever-changing relevant commercial and insurance laws, and can provide customized legal services suited to assist the operation of the business and satisfy clients’ needs.

4. Damages
Individuals and companies may be subject to liability stemming from their social interactions regardless of their actual intent or negligence. In particular, as companies’ role in the society have become increasingly influential, liabilities regarding companies’ actions have become a major issue. DR&AJU offers its high-quality legal advice to manage those issues swiftly and efficiently.

Track Records

Advised a number of bank clients and other financial institutions, such as Woori Bank, KB Kookmin Bank, Shinhan Bank, Hana Bank, Nong Hyup Bank, Korea Exim Bank, etc.

Advised generally the CLFA (Consumer Loan Finance Association)

Advised numerous securities companies including Nong Hyup Investment & Securities, Mirae Asset, KDB Daewoo Securities

Advised Samsung Life Insurance on the financing of the ABL of Hanhyo Building owned by Lehman

Advised Kumho Petrochemical on an ABL on the future receivables

Advised Hyundai Industries Co., Ltd. on an ABL based on future receivables for the construction of ships

Advised Kang Je Gyu Film on an ABL based on future proceeds from movies

Advised WIA on an ABL on the future receivables

Advised SK on an ABS based on its proceeds from the sale of its building

Advised Deutsche Bank on the issuance of an ABS based on assets disposed by KAMCO

Advised Hanhwa Chemical on an ABS based on trade receivables

Advised LG Card on an ABS based on trade receivable

Advised Hanhwa Securities on the sales of its company building to a REITs

Advised Haenam-gun and Yeongam-gun on the development project for an enterprise city

Advised Samsung Life on its issuance of foreign MBS, which was the first issuance domestically

Advised Korea Housing Finance Corporation on the issuance of 2004-1 and 2004-6 MBS

Advised Korea Technology Finance Corporation on the issuance of a foreign CBO

Advised Ssangyong Capital on an ABL based on its installment receivables

Advised Sunam Development on an ABL based on its trade receivables

Advised Korea Deposit Insurance Corporation on the issuance of bonds in Korean currency through an ABS

Advised on an ABL based on bonds related to sales of real estates (studio apartments and shopping arcades)

Advised Aekyung Department Store on an ABL based on trade receivables

Advised Orix Autolease on an ABS based on lease-backed bond

Advised Aju Autolease on an ABS based on lease-backed bond

Advised Komoko on the issuance of the first and second MBS

Advised on the issuance of ABS for major companies such as KAMCO, Hyundai Logistics, LH, TONG YANG Securities Inc., etc.

Advised on the Three S Primary CBO (Daeshin, Hanwha, Meritz Securities)

Advised Dongwon Securities on the issuance of first CBO

Advised Donghwa Lease on the issuance of NPL related ABS

Advised KDIC on Overseas Outright Sale of distressed assets with the value of 900 Billion Korean Won.

Advised on the issuance of a CBO of IBK Bank

Advised NongHyup on the ABL of Boram CMS

Advised Incheon Metropolitan City Development Corporation on an ABS based on rental housing

Deals & Cases


Key Services

    - Advise major financial institutions including major banks and securities
    - Assist financial institutions on the disposal of non-performing assets
    - Assist in the issuance of ABS
    - Provide legal advice on CRC, DRV, AMC
    - Provide legal advice on the issuance of MBS, CBO
    - Represent and mediate in disputes involving financial institutions
    - Issuance of stocks and IPO
    - Represent and advise clients in disputes involving tortious claims related to stocks
    - Provide legal advice on the issuance of DR, BW, CB, EB
    - Provide legal advice on derivatives
    - Provide legal advice for domestic financial institutions and foreign investment banks