Corporate Succession


The Business Succession team at DR&AJU provides consulting for second generation managers to develop their managerial skills and future strategies. We have a team of experts who provide a distinct level of consulting different from ordinary consulting which concentrates on reducing taxes and passive defense tactics for corporate control. Seung Cheol Lee, the former full-time vice chairman at the Federation of Korean Industries, is our team leader, and Eun Soo Choi, the former Chief Justice of the Patent Court and Daejeon High Court, Yong Gan Shin, the former vice president of the Korean Bar Association, and Dong Eon Cha, the former Deputy Chief Prosecutor at Daegu Prosecutor’s Office are each handling their specialties. In addition, professionals on M&A, taxation, labor, antitrust and fair trade are team members providing their expertise to better assist the clients’ needs. We have a total of 16 members including attorneys, management consultants, and accountants who have ample experience in business succession for major companies.
We understand clients may be hesitant to hire external consultants despite their needs because business succession is a delicate issue involving many private areas. DR&AJU provides its high-quality services with client confidentiality as its primary goal.


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