Medical/Environmental Dispute


As the average age of the population spikes and technological developments provide more advanced medical care for the general public, disputes on medical services also increase, along with increased costs, medical risks, and commercialization of medical practice. Most advanced countries are already suffering from increased medical costs due to increased medical disputes; while Korea has not faced such problem yet, such trend is noticeable. DR&AJU has comprised a team of specialists with unparalleled expertise to prepare and implement immediate and effective provisions in the prevention and minimization of damages from medical dispute, for both the parties invested in the health industry and for individuals who are financially burdened by medical costs.
In addition, despite strict regulations which are in place to ensure the safety of food and drugs, associated problems never cease to arise. Because food and drugs are directly related to the health of the public, the societal impact of the problem on food and drugs are immeasurable. The involved corporations and individuals may be subject to civil and criminal punishments, and also suffer significant damage to their brand. DR&AJU provides in-depth knowledge and general legal advice to assist the smooth operation of corporations, including food safety (flavoring, packaging, hygiene, etc.), and pharmaceutical manufacturing (safety, export/import, etc.)

Track Records

Advised Yonsei University Severance Hospital on general legal issues

Advised Hallym University Medical Center on general legal issues

Advised Dongguk University Medical Center on general legal issues

Advised Wooridul Hospital on general legal issues

Advised Seoul Medical Association on general legal issues

Advised Posmate on the purchase, operation, and general medical management service of a medical examination center

Advised E-land World Food on general legal issues

Advised Military Mutual Aid Association on the violation of delivery procedures of purchased goods


Key Services

    - Advise clients on the prevention of medical disputes and protocols for handling medical disputes
    - Advise clients on section specific (internal medicine, surgery, orthopedic, gynecology, etc.) medical disputes
    - Advise clients on medical malpractice and mediations regarding medical disputes
    - Advise clients on the management of medical institutions
    - Advise clients on medical issues related to industrial accidents and worker’s compensation
    - Advise and represent clients in administrative and criminal lawsuits, including medical malpractice, payment of insurance payments, etc.
    - Advise and represent client in administrative and criminal lawsuits on Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Food Sanitation Act, Cosmetics Act, Juvenile Protection Act, Public Health Control Act, etc.