Legal Notice

The DR&AJU Law Group LLC (hereinafter "the Law Group") respects members privacy seriously and complies with the Privacy Act. This Personal Information Processing Policy specifies what personal information can be used and how and what actions must be taken to protect member privacy.

Article 1 (Personal information to be processed, reasons for processing, processing and retention period)

The personal information handled by the Law Group, the reasons for processing, processing and retention periods are as follows:

① Members' personal information

  • Personal Information
    * Name, contact information, address, company name, superior and position
  • Reasons for Processing
    * For the purpose of establishing the necessary documents and communicating with the member
    * For the purpose of sending out newsletters and other publications produced or issued by the Law Group
    * For the purpose of sending out invitations to events and other information provided by the Law Group
  • Processing and Retention Period
    * The processing and retention period shall be limited to the time when the processing purpose is achieved or until the customer withdraws consent to use personal information

② Personal information of job applicants

  • Personal Information
    * Name, photo, gender, date of birth, address, phone number, e-mail address
    * Educational background, experience, military service(whether he has military service experience or not), Award / Disciplinary record
    * All other personal information listed in documents submitted to the Law Group, such as resume, self-introduction and transcripts
    * Qualifications, language skills, family matters
  • Reasons for Processing
    * The purpose of processing is to confirm the applicant's identity, academic background and career, to manage past applicant's resumes, to determine whether or not to hire applicants, to send notification of employment results, to confirm the applicant's willingness to apply for additional employment
    * To contact a reference to decide whether to employ the applicant or not
  • Processing and Retention Period
    * Three years after the end of the recruitment process

③ Personal information of board members and employees

  • Personal Information
    * Name, resident registration number (foreigner registration number and passport number for foreign nationals), address, military service, academic background, telephone number, e-mail address, account number
    * Personal, family matters
  • Reasons for Processing
    * Personnel management such as the conclusion and maintenance of the employment contract with the Law Group, wage payment, education, certificate issuance, welfare benefits for workers and their families, employment insurance, national pension
  • Processing and Retention Period
    * Three years after retirement

Article 2 (Providing personal information to third parties)

The Law Group provides personal information to third parties only if it has obtained prior consent to share the information and if the act falls under pertinent regulations: Article 17 and Article 18 of the "Personal Data Protection Act."

Article 3 (Outsourcing of the processing of personal information)

ⓛ In order to manage personal information smoothly, this Law Group entrusts personal information management to the following:
  • Name of the outsourced company
  • Job specification
    Website maintenance & hosting
② In the case of an outsourcing contract, the Law Group guarantees the contents of the contract by clearly stipulating compliance with relevant laws and regulations related to personal information protection, prohibition of the provision of personal information to a third party, and the liability burden. In the event that the company contracted to handle website data security changes, the Law Group will notify members as specified in the personal information processing policy.

Article 4 (Rights and obligation of the data subject and the method of exercising)

① The data subject (if under 14 years old, then the legal guardian) may exercise the right of privacy of the following at any time:
1. Personal information request
2. Notification of an error, request correction
3. Request deleting
4. Request halt in processing
② The exercise of the rights under Paragraph ① shall be made in writing, e-mail, or fax after completing the personal information request form in accordance with the Enforcement Rules of the Personal Data Protection Act. The Law Group will act on this without delay.

③ Should the Law Group be requested to correct or delete an error within personal information, the Law Group will not use or provide the relevant personal information until the correction or deletion has been completed.

④ Exercise of the rights under Paragraph ① can be enacted by the legal representative of the person who is the subject of the data subject or a designated agent. In the latter case, a power of attorney must be submitted as stipulated in Form 11 of the Enforcement Regulations of the Personal Data Protection Act.

⑤ Requests to view and halt the processing of personal information about an individual are subject to restrictions stipulated in Article 35, Clause 5, Article 37, Clause 2 of the Personal Data Protection Act.

⑥ A request for correction or deletion of personal information cannot be fulfilled if the relevant personal information has been specified by laws or regulations as information that must be collected.

⑦ If a request to view, correct, or delete information, or suspend its processing is received, the Law Group will verify the validity of the person making the request will be verified as to whether he or she is the person him/herself or the legal representative, according to the rights of the data subject.

Article 5 (Destruction of personal information)

① In principle, the Law Group shall, without delay, destroy personal information collected when it becomes unnecessary, such as when the designated period for holding personal information as set forth in Article 1 has elapsed or the purpose of processing said personal information has been achieved. However, exceptions will be made when it is necessary to preserve the information in accordance with other laws.

② If the Law Group does not destroy personal information to comply with the relevent laws and regulations concerning information preservation, the personal information or personal information file in question shall be stored and managed separately from other personal information.

③ The Law Group shall designate personal information to be destroyed based on identified reasons and discard the personal information with the approval of the personal information protection officer.

④ If the personal information to be destroyed is in the form of an electronic file, it shall be permanently deleted in a way that cannot be restored. In the case of other records, printed matter and those written or recorded via other means, they shall be shredded or incinerated.

Article 6 (Measures to ensure the safety of personal information)

In accordance with Article 29 of the Personal Data Protection Act, the Law Group has taken the following measures to ensure safety:

① Management measures: Establishment and enforcement of an internal management plan, the minimization of personal information handling personnel and subsequent education.

② Technical measures: Management of access rights, such as a personal data processing system, installation of an access control system, encryption of unique identification information, installation of a security program, etc.

③ Physical measures: Control of access to the room where personal information is stored, such as a computer room, data storage room, etc.

Article 7 (Personal information protection officer)

In order to protect personal information and to deal with complaints related to personal information, the Law Group has designated the person responsible for the protection of personal information and the person in charge in accordance with Article 31, Paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
  • Personal information pretection officer
  • Department name
    Management support team
  • Person in charge
    Kim Sung Kyun
  • Phone number
  • E-mail
  • Personal information pretection supporting officer
  • Department name
    Litigation support team
  • Person in charge
    Park Jeong Guk
  • Phone number
  • E-mail

Article 8 (Change of personal information processing policy)

In the event of a change in the employee personal information processing policy, the Law Group will continuously disclose the timing of changes and enforcement, as well as the revised text in question.