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Firm News 2021-11-12
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DR & AJU Hyo Jong Choi Wins a Transfer Lawsuit Worth KRW 40 Billion on Behalf of Korea Shipping.

DR  & AJU LLC (led by mananging partner Kyu Chul Lee) represented Korea Shipping, which is SM Group's shipping division,  in a lawsuit against a British bank and led it to victory.

In 2015, as the UK tax system was revised, the amount of tax-lease savings was additionally collected.
In 2019, a claim was filed for a takeover claim against Korea Shipping, demanding that they pay a fine of 40 billion won.

The UK bank's right to claim immunity is a bond under an unfulfilled bilateral contract and cannot be considered as a public interest bond.
Separately, the judgment was dismissed, saying that it was simply a rehabilitation claim.

Hyo Jong Choi, who led the case to victory, said, "The subject of recognition of non-fulfillment bilateral contracts should be strictly interpreted as 'when there is an original price relationship', which faithfully followed the purpose of such Supreme Court precedent."