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Firm News 2021-12-01
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Seok-Joon Song, "We need to correct the excessive real estate tax that distorts the market."

Rep. Seok-Joon Song, executive secretary of the people's power at the National Assembly's Land, Infrastructure and Transport Committee, argued, "Drastic improvement is needed as excessive and unreasonable real estate taxes are distorting the market." Attention is focusing on whether the real estate tax reform will gain momentum amid the recent presidential election burden, including comprehensive real estate taxes and capital gains taxes, and the Democratic Party of Korea's move to change its position the previous day to ease the tax burden on multiple homeowners.

Rep. Song attended the Future Leader's Forum (co-hosted by DR & AJU LLC and The Herald Business) held at The Plaza Hotel in Sogong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul on the morning of the 1st and made the remarks in a lecture titled Policy Direction and Legislative Tasks to Normalize the Real Estate Market.