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Major law firms to raise fertility rate

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사진 출처: 법률신문 (대형로펌, ‘출산율’ 높이기 앞장)

On March 5, 2018, the Korean online legal publication Law Times mentioned DR & AJU in an article about efforts by local law firms to help boost Koreas alarmingly low average birthrate of 1.05 children. The reporter PARK Su Yeon quoted DR & AJU Managing Partner LEE Kyu Chul as saying the firm is committed to reducing the burden of childcare in part by allowing over a year of parental leave in special situations. In the article, Mr. Lee said, "I want us to become a law firm where many 'grandmother secretaries' who have accumulated a lot of experience and know-how like foreign law firms can play an active role. There may be associated costs, but work efficiency can be doubled if we are encouraged and devoted to the workplace"


Major law firms to raise fertility rate, Law Times, March 5, 2018. [Korean-Language article]