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DR & AJU, one of Korea’s top 10 law firms, is promoting use of the first indigenous artificial intelligence (AI) legal system to support local lawyers. Dae Hui KIM, managing partner of DR & AJU, signed a joint-development agreement with Young-Ik IM, a fellow attorney and CEO of intelligence research institute INTELLICON. The ceremony took place February 27, 2018, at the Intercontinental Hotel in Seoul. INTELLICON, developer of the U-LEX and Lawbo systems, gained recognition in the global legal market by winning the World Legal Artificial Intelligence Competition (COLIEE) for two consecutive years in 2016 and 2017.


Professionals from the local legal, information and communication fields are showing keen interest. Hyun KIM, chairman of the Korean Bar Association; Chan-Hyun HWANG, the first and former chairman of the Korea Information Society Association; Dae-jae CHIN, the former Minister of Information and Communication; Kyung-pil NAM, Governor of Gyeonggi Province and many in-house lawyers attended the meeting.




DR & AJU Managing Partner Kim said, "In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, the quality of legal services will depend on how well we utilize AI. Introducing AI for law, I will initiate a paradigm shift in the legal service. Simple, repetitive work associated with vast research projects can now be done more promptly and accurately.”


DR & AJU has established a task force to introduce INTELLICON’s legal AI system and will use U-LEX over the next 3 months. In the second half of this year, all DR & AJU attorneys are supposed to be using U-LEX.


Attorneys in Korea and abroad are concerned about the introduction of AI into the legal world for fear it could limit earning potential.


The Supreme Court is trying to utilize AI in the field of rehabilitation and bankruptcy, which requires a vast amount of data to be reviewed. It is also pursuing a project to build an intelligent next-generation electronic lawsuit system based on Big Data with the aim of enacting it in 2021. In May, the Ministry of Justice introduced an AI-based service "Barbi," which questions and answers legal knowledge required in daily life.


In the U.S., the world's first AI lawyer, Ross, has been introduced to law firms in connection with IBM’s AI Watson developed in 2016.


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