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DR & AJU names new Managing Partners

페이지 정보



A ceremony marking the inauguration of new managing partners greeted attorneys and staff at DR & AJU on Tuesday, February 20, a day after they returned from the long Lunar New Year’s holiday.


Kim Dae Hui (founding partner of Daeryook) will assume a managing partner position for the first time since the 2009 merger with AJU. Former judge Lee Kyu Chul (partner since 2010), who was spokesperson for the team assembled by the Special Prosecutor investigating now-impeached South Korean President Geun Hye, was also named managing partner. Two former prosecutors CHOI Woon-sik (partner since 2015) and Park Young Youl (partner since 2017) will be the two other managing partners. Mr. Choi headed district public prosecutor offices in Daegu, Cheongju and Seoul, and Mr. Park is highly respected for his investigation into the “Suzy Kim Scandal” and other crimes involving national security and corporate crimes.


According to the Articles of Association, the firm’s council may select four managing partners every two years. The former managing partners will stay on as of counsels: KIM Jin Han (founding partner of AJU), court-appointed trustee for Hanjin Shipping Co., Ltd.; NAM Young Chan (partner since 2014), current Director of Special Olympics Korea and former President of SK Telecom Co., Ltd.; former prosecutor CHUNG Jin Gyoo (managing partner since 2005); and former judge YEO Sang Jo (partner since 2005). Another recent former managing partner of note is CHO Jae Yeon; the National Assembly approved his presidential appointment as Supreme Court Justice in July 2017.