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DR & AJU signs business agreement with Association of Small-Medium-Lar…

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On May 1, 2017, DR & AJU signed an agreement with the Association of Small∙Medium∙Large Businesses in Korea. Through this agreement, two organizations cooperate with each other on the basis of management consulting, sharing of information and legal consulting on business related fields.

"We need to manage the legal crisis as 'preemptive' to strengthen our management capabilities and enhance our competitiveness," said Managing Partner Young Chan NAM. Representative NA Jong-ho of the association said, "In order to improve the internal and external management environment of member companies, we have made this business agreement with DR & AJU with the aim of overcoming the crisis of management through legal consulting. I hope that the agreement will be of great help to our members as well."

Korean press coverage: 대륙아주, 대관 컨설팅 조직 출범