Intellectual Property


The IP team at DR&AJU provides legal advice and representation on various legal issues, including IP rights, copyrights, design rights, trademarks, unjust competition, protection of trade secrets, protection of personal information, negotiation and advice for licensing, issues related to IT industry, sports and entertainment, and cultural industry. DR&AJU IP team is led by attorneys with vast experience in the field who have worked at the Patent Court of Korea and the Korean Intellectual Property Office, and has a strategic partnership with the IP consulting firm Dae-A to better assist our clients’ needs, covering and assisting in all legal aspects involving IP rights, applications and associated legal disputes.
The IP team at DR&AJU manages risks associated with intellectual property efficiently and is a trustworthy partner for our clients safeguarding the clients’ technology, contents and brand

1. Patent, Trademark and Design Rights

Patent, Utility Model
DR&AJU provides legal services to protect inventions and designs of corporates and individuals under the relevant patent law and utility model law. We provide all aspects of relevant legal services, including likelihood of successful registration, technical studies preceding patent registration, transfer of rights, lawsuits, investigations and observations regarding infringement of patents, patent invalidation and dispute mediation.

We secure our clients’ property rights by providing legal services on trademark issues. Our trademark services include trademark application, regulation of counterfeit products, and retaliation against trademark infringement.

As the world has become closer than ever in this era of globalization, many cross-border disputes on designs are occurring domestically and internationally. The fact that most countries are signatories to the Hague Convention and are amending laws shows that the movement to protect the design industry is held on an international scale. At DR&AJU, we assist domestic corporations to effectively manage and protect designs by providing thorough comprehensive legal advice and prompt and precise solutions in situations of conflict.

2. Copyrights
Various new types of cultural contents are being produced daily, such as novels, poems, music, theater, paintings, architecture, pictures, videos, and computer programs. As a result, the copyright structure is evolving every day, becoming a more complex creature.
In particular, through the development of communication mediums such as the internet, more abundant contents are being shared and more disputes are being caused. DR&AJU provides the best legal advice and representation to protect the copyright holders’ rights and assist the user in using contents legitimately.

3. Prevention of Infringement and Protection of Trade Secrets
To prevent infringement and damage to property rights of domestic corporations through the leakage of advanced technology, relevant statutes such as the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act and the Protection and Prevention of Disclosure of Industrial Technology Act have been further amended. Despite such efforts, violations in the field nonetheless persist. Once such violation occurs, damage is unavoidable. DR&AJU provides legal advice to clients at all levels to aid them in the management of such risks. We are well aware that a swift response is the key to minimize any damages and provide swift and efficient legal support, to the extent such risks do not hinder the business of a corporation.

4. Protection of Personal Information
Many problems associated with personal information are becoming a social issue, including leakage, illegal sales, misappropriation, etc. of personal information. Corporations which are not concerned with the protection of personal information are vulnerable in terms of corporate image; such issues inevitably cause significant damage on the brand value, and can cause material harm for the management in case of a class action. Furthermore, regulations and associated penalties are steeply increasing as individuals whom their personal information have been exposed suffer from psychological and financial harm such as voice phishing.
DR&AJU provides the best legal service to its corporate and individual clients based on the deep understanding of relevant laws and analysis of precedents.

5. Negotiation and Agreements on License
To have a rightful entitlement to an intellectual property, reasonable and proper negotiation and agreement on a license is required. However, in many circumstances, licensing agreements do not fully cover the entitlement due to complex interests involved. DR&AJU provides its comprehensive legal services to produce the best suitable contract based on its extensive experience, relevant laws, and international treaties.

Track Records

Advised Hyundai Corporation on a purchase and associated IP due diligence

Advised NIDEC-SAKYO of Japan on the analysis of an IP and licensing negotiations

Represented Cartier and Chanel on the prosecution of counterfeit trademarks

Represented Woongjin Chemical in a lawsuit on the injunctive relief regarding infringement of IP in the textile industry

Represented HiteJinro Holdings in a lawsuit on the infringement of trademarks

Advised Korea Institute of Design Promotion on various legal matters

Represented Woori Bank in a lawsuit on IP infringement

Represented IR Wind Power in a lawsuit on the patent right scope declaration regarding IPs on wind power generation

Successfully represented Nexon in a lawsuit on copyright regarding a game

Successfully represented EBS in lawsuits on the cancellation of a similar domain, copyrights regarding a TV series, and prohibition of using the name EBS

Successfully represented Hyundai Development Company in a lawsuit on infringement of trademark brought by InterContinental Hotel Group

Successfully represented SK Telecom in a lawsuit on the infringement of copyrights regarding a song in a commercial

Successfully represented MBC in a lawsuit on the infringement of copyrights in the TV series Queen Sunduk and associated submission of an appraisal report

Advised on the licensing of technology associated with boarding on airplanes at Incheon Airport

Represented Company O in a lawsuit on the termination of a license agreement and damages

Advised Company H on a license agreement of IP

Advised Company J on a license agreement and trademarks on cosmetics

Successfully represented a supplier in a lawsuit for infringement of IP rights, where the supplier supplied to a licensee certain equipment utilized for the IP rights

Successfully represented Nature Republic in a lawsuit on the invalidation of an IP right on a container for cosmetics

Successfully represented GymWorld in a lawsuit on a design right scope declaration regarding toys with magnets and infringement

Successfully represented Pagoda Academy in a lawsuit on the transfer of service marks

Successfully represented a company in a criminal lawsuit for violation of trade secrets against a program developer who moved to Naver Corp. and also in a lawsuit for the invalidation of that developer’s transfer to a competitor

Represented Hyundai Heavy Industries in a lawsuit on the infringement of trade secrets

Represented STX Heavy Industries in a lawsuit on the violation of laws against unjust competition and protection of trade secrets

Represented Hyundai Heavy Industries in a lawsuit on infringement of trade secrets

Represented Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries in a lawsuit on infringement of trade secrets

Represented the plaintiff in a lawsuit for an injunction regarding the infringement of trade secrets related to IP on ship building

Represented the plaintiff in a criminal lawsuit on the infringement of trade secrets

Represented a client in a lawsuit on the violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act

Represented Hansol Chemical in a lawsuit on the violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act (disclosure of trade secrets)

Advised the Ministry of Employment and Labor on the Personal Information Protection Act regarding the government aid program for the pregnant

Advised HiPlus on the provision of personal information regarding the sales of pre-paid transportation cards

Advised Kangwon Land on the management of personal information


Key Services

    - Legal advice on the application, evaluation, registration and protection of patents, utility models, trademarks and designs
    - Represent clients in disputes and lawsuits on the damages and injunctions regarding violation of IP rights, utility model rights, trademarks and designs
    - Represent clients in lawsuits on patent right scope declaration, invalidation and nullification of IP rights, utility model rights, trademarks and designs
    - Advise and represent clients in legal matters including damages for infringement of trade secrets and unfair competition, associated injunctions, criminal prosecutions, etc.
    - Advise and represent clients in various legal matters including administrative sanctions for violation of Personal Information Protection Act, Act on Promotion of Information and Communications, etc.