As the social and economic structure evolves, the Korean Government has become more concerned with its role as the market supervisor and has delegated more power to the Fair Trade Commission. Therefore, proper legal advice on antitrust and fair trade has become more important than ever. DR&AJU has successfully advised corporate clients on antitrust issues, including the enforcement of Monopoly Regulations and Fair Trade Act and other Korean competition laws. Our antitrust team provides general legal advice and represents clients in lawsuits on antitrust violation and/or damages stemming from unfair competition against competitors. Furthermore, we also provide legal services to best address any conflicts between sellers and consumers arising from use of products or services, including defective products, unjust transactions, contract defaults, etc.

Track Records

Represented KIKO in lawsuits

Advised on an investigation by the KFTC regarding the collusion of 10 property insurance companies

Represented KEPCO and KHNP in a claim based on abuse of contractual position

Reviewed the proposal of the merger between Kookmin and Korea Exchange Bank

Advised ISU on the establishment of a holding company and associated conversion

Advised Zeullig Pharma Korea on an adjudication to determine the fairness of its terms and conditions

Represented HiteJinro in a case on deceptive/unfair advertisement

Reported the unjust actions of the Korea Paper-packaging Cooperative to the KFTC

Advised on issues related to a merger between HiteJinro and Samjin ENG

Advised HiteJinro on Commercial and Sponsor Contracts

Advised GS Retail on a Franchise Agreement

Advised KT Commerce on the unjust advertisement issue

Represented POSCO Plantec on a case regarding the payment of a subcontract price

Represented Korea Clad Tech on a case regarding unjust advertisement issue

Advised SGS Korea on the reporting of an unjust refusal to conduct transactions

Advised Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance on insurance product clauses and fair trade issues

Advised numerous domestic and foreign door-to-door sales businesses including the Korea Direct Selling Industry Association and Mutual Aid Cooperative & Consumer

Represented the KFTC in an adjudication on a constitutional complaint of Samsung Life against the KFTC

Advised Namyang Dairy Products on the violation of the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act

Advised numerous suspects regarding the violation of the Act on Door-to-Door Sales and the Act on the Regulation of Conducting Fund-Raising Business Without Permission

Represented the KFTC in a litigation on the revocation of corrective measures against Hyundai Oil Bank

Represented the KFTC in a litigation on the revocation of corrective measures against S-Oil

Represented the KFTC in a litigation on the revocation of corrective measures against Hyundai Motor Company

Represented the KFTC in a litigation on the revocation of corrective measures against Hyundai Elevator

Represented the Korean Government in a litigation for damages caused by price fixing against several oil companies including S-Oil

Represented the Korea Tobacco Growers Organization in a lawsuit for damages from collusion against 7 fertilizer companies including Namhae Chemical


Key Services

    - Represent and advise on claims regarding the abuse of market-controlling power
    - Represent clients regarding damages for unjust collective action
    - Advise clients in response to investigations by the KFTC on unjust collective action
    - Represent clients in administrative lawsuits and estoppel of enforcements regarding unfair transactions
    - Advise clients on the interpretation of statutes and regulations on antitrust and associated violations
    - Advise clients regarding the defense strategy against investigations by the KFTC
    - Advise clients responding to adjudications by the KFTC and administrative lawsuits
    - Represent clients in civil lawsuits on damages arising from violation of antitrust laws